Areas of Expertise

Financial Statement Audits & Reviews

The Pomykala Group LLC assists the above industries with the following services:

  • Financial Statement Audits provide procedural verification of the company’s financial information. Accounts are analyzed in detail and confirmed with outside sources. As part of the audit process, TPG provides valuable insight into operations and an independent oversight for policies, reconciliations, and accountability.
  • Interim Accounting Reviews provide a review of balance sheet accounts to ensure the soundness of the company’s financial position and operating results. Internal controls are tested in all areas of the dealership, including parts and service.
  • Financial Statement Reviews are normally performed due to bank requirements; work performed has a reduced scope relative to a certified audit, but work performed by TPG more closely resembles an audit in order to provide better value.
  • Agreed-Upon Procedures are client specific engagements that are determined based on discussions with management and are performed to accomplish specific goals. This made-to-order engagement allows clients to focus on specific problem areas on an in-depth basis.

Operations Review & Financial Analysis

Our goal at The Pomykala Group LLC is to assist in maximizing profits, securing internal controls, and planning for the overall well-being of your dealership. Some of the services provided to our clients include the following:

  • Monthly Financial Statement Analysis – A monthly service that breaks down your balance sheet and income statement into key and concise trends. Balance sheet components such as cash, inventory and receivable levels, floorplan debt, and working capital are tracked on a month over month basis, as well as, by current month vs. prior year’s month. The income statement tracking components include gross profit and expenses by department, and other key areas like personnel expense and fixed coverage.
  • Monthly Expense Analysis – All expense categories are tracked and monitored on a month over month basis, as well as, by current month vs. prior month.
  • Fixed Gross Profit Monthly Analysis – Fixed gross profit categories are tracked with a special eye toward monitoring customer pay, warranty, and internal labor.
  • Annual Trend Report – Tracks annual operating trends to highlight a dealership’s best ever categories, culminating in a best in class sample year.
  • Analytical Expense Review – Provides a four-year detailed expense analysis, including pay plan review and its relationship to gross profit trends.
  • Day’s Supply Analysis – Tracks your day’s supply by new car, new truck, and used car and truck. Evaluates day’s supply in units vs. day’s supply of dollars on the ground, providing insight as to whether the company is stocking the appropriate vehicles.
  • Annual Wage Analysis – This service examines and provides a comparison of two-year employee compensation variances, productive vs. support personnel, pay rankings, and departmental compensation and determines how it relates to departmental gross profit.
  • Wholesale Loss Analysis – Wholesale tendencies, including trades vs. purchased units, “purchased from” vs. “sold to,” and number of days in inventory are investigated and monitored.
  • Average Daily Cash Analysis – Analyzes the average daily bank balance in order to maximize investment opportunities of idle cash.
  • Repair Order and Parts Invoice Testing – Voided parts tickets, parts credit invoices, internal repair orders, no-charge repair orders and voided repair orders are tested to ensure internal control compliance with company policy.
  • Open Repair Order Testing – Highlights aged open repair orders, the reasons behind why they remain open, customer data, and retail dollars available for collection.
  • Working Capital Analysis – Evaluates the strength of the balance sheet for sustainability during an economic downturn, as well as, for future acquisitions and growth.
  • Year-End Tax Planning – Comprehensive year-end tax planning and projections are performed for dealerships and owners, allowing year-end tax savings opportunities. Accordingly, April 15th will not render any surprises.

Other Services

  • Service Advisor Performance Analysis
  • Vendor Payment Analysis
  • Forecasts
  • Bill of Sale Preparation
  • Internal Control Reviews
  • Fraud Investigations
  • Agreed Upon Procedure Engagements
  • Cost Segregation Analysis for Leasehold Improvements
  • Available Cash Analysis
  • LIFO Services
  • Business Valuations

Tax Return Planning, Preparation & Finances

The Pomykala Group LLC also offers accounting services for individuals and small to medium sized businesses. We currently perform services for numerous businesses in the fields of:

  • Real estate and automotive leasing
  • Real estate investment & development
  • Supermarkets and Grocers
  • Food and Beverage
  • Medical Groups
  • Job placement services
  • Engineering
  • Marketing
  • Insurance providers
  • Broker dealer transactions
  • Legal & other professional services

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