General Job Description

First and foremost, employment at TPG requires the ability to communicate with and accommodate our exceptional client base. Our work environment fosters a culture that promotes excellence in that all staff members work together to achieve the common goal of providing work products and services that are of the highest standard.  We believe you never stop learning in the automotive industry and that cultivates the drive to be great at what we do.  At TPG, you will experience a fast-paced, fun environment with excellent travel opportunities that allow for the dedicated service of our national client base.  We value the important contribution each employee makes in our overall success and in our commitment to excellence in servicing the retail automotive industry.



A beginning consultant will possess a degree in accounting and understand the basic accounting and tax concepts involved in this position. Under direct supervision, you will perform office audit and review pre-engagement work; such as aging receivables and inventory analysis, fixed asset summaries, and other account analyses. You will be directly involved in client fieldwork that includes performing audit, review, and consulting procedures.  Performance of physical inventories, under limited supervision, will also be assigned.  Preparation of basic to more complex personal, partnership, and corporate tax returns will be required; with responsibilities dictated by your level of knowledge in the tax area.  As a new consultant at TPG, you will learn the unique aspects and jargon of the retail automotive industry.  If the ability is demonstrated, you will quickly gain access to strong and consistent client interaction.


Senior Consultant

As a senior consultant, you will take on additional responsibilities related to work as a consultant, but with much less supervision.  You will begin to direct new and experienced consultants, instructing them in tasks to be performed, reviewing their work, and directing necessary revisions within a compassionate teaching environment.  With a strong understanding of the retail automotive industry, your decision-making responsibilities will grow in conjunction with mentoring from general managers, directors, and partners. You will demonstrate the ability to take ownership of engagements and put your own personal stamp on their completion.


General Manager

Duties are similar in nature to those of a Senior Consultant, but cover broader responsibilities that involve more complex engagements. Experience at this level enables you to oversee two or more engagements, simultaneously.  You will demonstrate the ability to assume full responsibility for directing and reviewing engagements, as well as, to discuss engagement findings with client ownership and personnel.  Research and problem solving of issues will be undertaken on a routine basis. Other duties will include coordinating engagements, assigning work to staff, evaluating staff assignments, and maintaining strong client relationships.



The Director position is a permanent non-equity position within the firm, while having the same qualities and responsibilities as that of an Executive Director.  TPG recognizes that not all individuals desire an equity position and the position of Director fills that void.


Executive Director

The Executive Director position will be viewed as a gateway to ownership in TPG; specifically, as a partner holding an equity position within the firm.  The ultimate direction will be dictated by both the performance of the Executive Director and his/her desire to become an equity partner in TPG.

An Executive Director will be ingrained in the firm’s culture and philosophy and demonstrate expertise in all phases of a retail automotive dealership.  Ultimate entry into an equity position within TPG will rest with the ability to service and monitor a full client base, along with demonstrating the capabilities of growing the retail automotive client base which matches TPG ‘s culture and philosophy.

A major responsibility will be the ability to mentor and coach all levels of staff; while continuing to develop the cooperative, familial atmosphere that TPG provides.

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